How can we improve Divinity: Original Sin 2?

Stretch Goal: Chris Avellone

With Chris Avellone now apparently a freelancer, and having been a Professional Stretch Goal for a while now, please consider bringing him on board as writer and designer.

He loves reactivity and multiple solutions, as well as goofy and/or subversive settings. He recently expressed his love for environmental storytelling/interactivity as well. With Planescape Torment, KOTOR 2, Mask of the Betrayer, and the Old World Blues DLC for Fallout New Vegas under his belt, I believe Chris could do something great with the Rivellon setting, too.

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    cbee shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • LordCrash commented  · 

        And he's in! For those of you who live under a rock... :P

      • Tman commented  · 

        As a lot of people said already... no Idea why so many rave about him...

        He's not too bad, but I wouldn't call his work outstanding by any means.
        And the general outcome of Obsidian's works often leaves much to be desired, in my opinion. But ofc I don't know how much influence he had there.

      • MadeOMeat commented  · 

        I love Avallone, but I think Larian have done perfectly well without him so far. No need to add the Avallone flavour to every RPG.

      • Sir Chaox commented  · 

        I wouldn't mind this for area design. But I have a feeling he may be working up to a project of his own soon...

      • Jalister commented  · 

        Larian doesn't need to bring in a guest developer. Don't mess with a formula that we know works.

      • evilcat commented  · 

        While i appreciete Avellone works i would not push for it so hard. So far Larian team did great, so just keep dong whatever you do.
        Team is much more than sum of elements. And if Chris has other plans, or does not fit in easly do not try too hard.

        No need to mix Sushi with Icecream.

      • anon commented  · 

        I'd like to see Chris do something for this game. Narrative director would be good but designing a character or two would also be good. He's one of the best rpg writers and I think he could make D:OS 2 stronger.

        On the other hand, I thought most of the "humor" in Old World Blues was cringeworthy. If not for the awful (and IMO very juvenile) jokes, "funny" characters, etc., I would have really liked OWB. The plot and environment were fairly interesting and I really enjoyed the environmental storytelling. Instead I thought OWB was "meh" overall. I wasn't a huge fan of the humor in D:OS but I thought it was much better than the "humor" in OWB.

        I really liked Dead Money and many of Avellone's characters so I think he could definitely add a lot to D:OS 2. I'm sure that Sven and Chris could figure out how to best use Chris's talents.

      • Christophe commented  · 

        Whether Chris Avellone contributes to the writing or not, make sure the main storyline is better than any of the side quests. :p

      • Grey commented  · 

        MCA Should be on all these new fantasy games...I keep playing them and can't help but notice his areas/characters are far superior than his industry peers.

        D:OS had near perfect TB combat all it was missing was the narrative/writing....MCA can deliver on that.

      • cbee commented  · 

        Avellone, Avellone, my kingdom for an Avellone

      • Varenus Luckmann commented  · 

        Do it! DO IT! DOOOO EEEEEEEEEET! My head is kinda exploding with anticipation right here.

      • Jack Dandy commented  · 

        Dude's a writing mercenary, take him!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        If it's going to be boring and depressing like PoE I definitely would not support this.

      • Maciej commented  · 

        Oh god yes please

      • LordCrash commented  · 

        I would be happy with a big quest or area alone. Let him design a dungeon + respective quests for example. Chris's level for Wasteland 2 was among the best of the game imo.

      • JF Fox commented  · 

        Hm... if Chris Avellone is on-board, I'd much rather have him work as a narrative director. Let him design the main quest. He's much better at that than exposition-heavy NPCs.

      • kofeiiniturpa commented  · 

        Yes please. MCA aboard this train. And preferably with more involvement than the usual minor stretch goal curiosities.

      • Chad Murphy commented  · 

        It almost makes too much sense...D:OS had pretty poor writing even though I understand that this setting is meant to be goofy and nonsensical at times.

        I think MCA could add a lot to this game and I'd love to see it happen.

      • LordCrash commented  · 

        Some of act like a good writer like Chris Avellone could only write for one specific setting and atmosphere. I'm pretty sure that he's able to write more light-hearted and humorous characters as well, characters which would perfectly fit the Divinity universe. A good writer can get into pretty much every setting with enough information, just like a good actor.

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