How can we improve Divinity: Original Sin 2?

New campaign and bird race

I apologize for any english mistakes below.
A new campaign that takes in consideration what you did in the main campaign, for example if you were a hero the townfolk could mention your previous character heroic deeds, maybe you could find the companions that you used in the main campaign.

Avian/bird race
they could be a nomad race that wasn't present in the time of the main campaign, arriving in time for the new one, but of course the lore is up to the devs to decide.
-end lore-
+1 lucky charm
Can toggle flight mode on or off at will, turning on will ignore effects on the ground turning it off will allow ground effects to affect your character again.
natural flight:
works similar to flight but with longer cooldown.
(Optional) increased movement speed.
Notes: at first i thought a winged character would get in conflict(redundant) with spread your wings, but as long as the spell allows its version of flight it still useful, besides it appears that spread your wings does not protect your character from ground effects while not moving, something that this race could do, as for the aesthetics the spell could make the character have 4 wings.

-Alternate combat abilities for the race-

10% air and cold resistance
wind blast - pushes enemies away or deals air damage and knockdown(resisted by magic armor)

-insert lore here-
Civil abilities
+1 Telekinesis
Combat abilities
+10% damage increase
Swings his/her arm striking enemies in a wide area in melee range.

As a side idea drinking items could give you an empty recipient ex: driking a potion gives you an empty potion bottle, drinking beer gives you an empty mug or bottle.

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    Carlos shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Carlos commented  · 

        Now thinking about it i really miss a alignment bar to show if my character is doing good or evil action, i would really like one of those instead of hidden values that suddenly give me hero or villain tags

      • John commented  · 

        Nomads seems nice but could also be some sort of mystic race and maybe they were on a different dimention?

      • roberto commented  · 

        Well i did notice some difficuties they may find in order to implement this, but it's far from impossible.

        The biggest one is the follow up campaign, since the original one has multiple endings it may become difficult/demanding to make multiple big scenarios based on them, that is unless they decide to make only one of them the canon ending(similar to neverwinter nights 2, where you had more than one ending and they decided to make only one of them canon for the expansion campaign, which was a follow up story), again making multiple scenarios is not impossible just very demanding and prone to bugs.

        The other difficulty is which god would choose the new races, an easy solution would be use one already existing god for them, maybe amadia for the birds and the orc one for the minotaur?, or they could create new gods but that may(or not) mess-up with the game lore.

        Overall i liked the idea.

      • Rodrigo commented  · 

        Re-posting the comment

        If i undestand correctly the new campaign takes place after the original one and is influenced by what you did in it, but it's protagonists are different from the previous one, this could lead to the creation of new origins which is quite nice.

        As for the flying bird race(not the alternate one), well i don't think it would make spread your wings redundant if you could use both your racial flight skill and the spell version of the flight, it's somewhat like saying that human's encourage makes peace of mind reduntant(both are somewhat similar), we have a race that can deal magic aoe and ground effect(lizard), a race with stun like spell(dwarf), one that's good with burst damage(elf) and one that can buff alies(human), a race with good mobility would be a good addition.

        The minotaur seems ok, i prefer the bird/avian idea but a race with non-magical aoe could be good too.

        A good thing to implement would be more non-magical skills, we have a lot of magic skills but only 3 non-magical.

      • Walton commented  · 

        This dlc could have some new skills included too, maybe even a higher lvl cap.

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