Divinity: Original Sin 2 Game Ideas

Welcome to our Kickstarter Suggestion Page! This is a space where you, and other fans, can come together to help us provide the Kickstarter Campaign that you want.

We’re collecting your ideas for Divinity: Original Sin 2.

For ideas about Kickstarter Pledge Rewards please refer to this forum:

This is a community project, so please remember to discuss other people’s ideas, and vote for the ones you like!

Each Reward suggestion will be marked with a status:

SEEN – We’ve read the idea but other statuses don’t apply.
PLANNED – We’re very interested, and hope to act on this idea, but it hasn’t been set in stone yet.
CONSIDERING – This could be a great idea, but no decision has been made yet.
TELL US MORE – It sounds interesting, but we need more information and feedback on the idea.
NOT PLANNED – We don’t intend to implement this, but you can still vote to indicate that you’d really like us to.

MOVED – Moved to another forum. Example: “Reward Ideas” → “Game Ideas”

WILL DO – This is a great suggestion, and we’re working to implement it (Voting is now closed on this idea)
WON’T DO – We’ve decided not to do this, and voting will be closed on this suggestion.

For more information on Divinity Original Sin 2, see Larian.com and follow our Facebook/Twitter channels.

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